Seasoned service dog, Deano. He's trained to help his human who has narcolepsy.

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Military Working Dogs

Masters Of Mischief is proud to support our troops, both 2 and 4 legged. We work with decommissioned military working dogs to help address their unique behavior needs as they transition to civilian life. 

We have also helped train working dogs for unique scenarios. So, when we say 'we've seen it all...." we truly mean it. 

SDIT Sam demonstrates impulse control out in public.


There isn't a manners problem to big or too small for us to handle. We will work with you to provide customized solutions designed to suit you and your pup.  From potty training, to loose leash walking, to jumping, and barking....we have all your mischief covered. 

Healthy dog relationships are founded in fair fun.

Therapy Dog Training

Looking to join a hospital therapy dog program or are you simply seeking to volunteer at a local senior living center or school? 

Masters of Mischief is an official tester/observer for Alliance Of Therapy Dogs (a free service) and can help you meet all of the requirements needed for a successful therapy team.

Service Dog Training

No two service dogs are trained the exact same.  Masters of Mischief will work to help you pick the right dog and walk you through every single step of the training process. We offer customized pricing not listed online which provides private weekly sessions, private outings, and access to a private dog park. 

From laws governing service dogs to socialization to solving unique service challenges, your trainer will be available by text or call whenever you need them.Our service dog program is designed to help train you to be the best trainer possible to your dog. We believe that service dogs trained by their handlers form an incredible bond and end up being some of the most intuitive service dogs available. 

Training service dogs takes a lot of experience and skill. That is why Masters Of Mischief only helps trains SOME kinds of service dogs, including: 

               * PTSD Service Dogs

               * Autism Service Dogs

               * Alzheimer's Service Dogs

               * Narcolepsy Service Dogs

               * Service Dogs for medical conditions

                  requiring unusual service dog tasks

                  or for conditions for which dogs are

                  not commonly trained for service 


We do help train emotional service dogs too. Emotional service dogs are NOT the same as Service Dogs. Only service dogs are allowed public access as they are trained to provide tasks which help a person with a disability. Masters of Mischief will never ask you to disclose the nature of your medical condition, but, we do require a letter from a doctor which verifies a) that they believe a service dog can perform tasks which will aide a person with a disability & b) outline briefly what kind of tasks or assistance the individual will require. 

We ask this to ensure that all service dogs trained by Masters of Mischief are provided legally for those individuals defined within the ADA. We will not train service dogs for those who simply want to take their dogs with them everywhere. Anyone who is identified by Masters of Mischief to be abusing ADA service dog access will be reported to the authorities. Service Dogs are a privilege, not a right, and we take that oath every seriously. 

Deano is also a therapy dog for a local hospital and senior living center.

SDIT Sam knows that staying with the cart doesn't mean taking eyes off his handler.

Behavior Issues

Amazing behavior modification begins with a trainer who can accurately evaluate your dog's individual needs; someone who can see every angle and can problem solve effectively on the fly. Masters Of Mischief has worked with Vet behavioralists to modify the behavior of some seriously challenging pups. Our expertise with behavior is:

                * Leash Reactivity/ Leash Aggression/ Dog Reactivity

                * Dog Bites

                * Fearful Dogs

                * Dog Aggression

                * In-house dog fighting

                * Resource Guarding/ Food Guarding / Human Guarding

Not sure how to describe your dog's behavior issues? That's okay. We can help! 

When you hire a dog trainer for behavior issues, please ask about their training and experience working with cases similar to yours. Masters of Mischief has attended some of the best training programs and regularly attends learning clinics. In addition, we are endorsed by vet behaviorists and work with decommissioned military dogs, transitioning them to civilian lives.