Martha E. & Izabella (Denver, 2014)

Emily Boler is working with my 20 week German Shorthaired Pointer puppy to train her basics of dog behavior. I contacted numerous trainers and had one session with another trainer before I contacted Emily; I was very disapointed with what I had previously experienced and my puppy was wild. Emily has been great. She is knowledgable, very patient, has a natural affinity for working with dogs and is  enthusiastic about what she does. I have seen great progress in my pup's impulse control, understanding of  and ability to follow commands. I highly recommend Emily Boler.

Jo P. & Walter 

I was quickly able to set up a series of training sessions with Emily Boler, who is fantastic. She has a wealth of expertise and experience, and a true passion for her work. She is comitted to helping me reach my goals with my puppy. I have learend a lot from her, and of course, so has my dog. She is a clear communicator and went out of her way to write up tailored notes so that I could continue training. Also, she has been helpful in scheduling around my quirky schedule, which I appreciate. Lastly, my dog *loves* Emily and is always super excited for training sessions.

Lindsay H. & Sampson and Georgia 

I was referred to Emily by another dog trainer because I lived too far away for that trainer. Emily emailed me back right away and immediately set up an appointment. First meeting Emily she took the time to not only get to know the ins and outs of the issues with m pups, but took the time to get to know me. We say and talked for over an hour.Emily took notes and made sure to reassure me that she would send everything to me in an e-mail so I wasn't over whelemed. She then worked with my pups and demonstrated the tools I would be using. She was never negative about the issues with my dogs.

Within the next Couple of days, I recieved the email instructions and I was so thankful. I started using the training instructions and my dogs showed remarkable progress....By the next time Emily came around, they were like different puppies. There was so much harmony and happiness. I was thrilled! I am incredibly grateful to Emily and her expertise with training. She's continually giving me praise, but, she's the one who deserves praise. I HIGHLY recommend having Emily train your pups.

Jessica R & Shaggy

Emily is absolutely amazing. She really knows her stuff when it comes to dogs and behavior. We recently moved into a dog friendly apartment in Boulder which is a problems our dog, Shaggy, is dog reactive when he is on a leash (lunges and barks at other dogs.) WE called Emily, who met with us for almost an hour and a half. She came up with an individual training plan for Shaggy as well as helped us trouble shoot problem areas such as the elevator.

We have been working with Shaggy for about a month and I already can see improvements. We now can walk on the other side of a street from a dog without him even caring She has also helped us come up with a 'management plan,' that involved finding escape routes and what to do when Shaggy does react.

The best part about Emily is that she always makes herself available to help. Whenever I have a question, I can text her and get a ready reply. On multiple occasions, she has also been a great person to lean on and talk to when Shaggy has a large blow up. She even said that her job is one part dog trainer, one part human trainer/councilor.

She also lets me meet with her a few times a week in order to used her dog for practice sessions with Shaggy. Over this past month, I have gone from fustration and embarasment with my dog to pride and excitement over Shaggy's improvement. I can tell that he is much happier and less stressed on walks as well. I can not thank Emily enough for all her help, and i HIGHLY recommend her for any type of dog training (especially leash reactivity.)

Walter enjoying some quality socialization with Bo and Frank