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Who Is Masters of Mischief?

Meet Emily Boler, MA, KPA-CTP



         Emily's long journey into dog training began a million years ago when she was 8 years old. Tasked with inventing something which would change the world, she attempted to make a device which would make brushing a cat easier. It didn't work out well for her....or the cat.

         She is a lifelong animal welfare advocate, who has worked along side US and Canadian politicians to change laws pertaining to animal care & abuse. Emily holds a B.ah in political science, specializing in animal welfare, a MA certificate in Marketing and PR, and a Masters of Arts and Science, Communication, specializing in emotional trigger words, and numerous certificates pertaining to dog training and behavior. She holds the title of KPA-CTP given by the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy For Dog Training and Behavior. She is working towards additional degrees in animal behavior. 

        She left the corporate world to become a dog trainer while looking for a better way to self-train her service dog, Deano. Since that change, she has studied under some of the best minds in dog behavior, working regularly as a consultant for a Colorado Vet behaviorist. After her time with the Boulder Valley Humane Society's behavior and training program, she went to work as a private manners and behavior dog trainer for a local business. After demonstrating a unique ability to effectively evaluate and rehabilitate severely aggressive dogs or those with bite histories, she was asked to join an elite program which rehabilitates decommissioned military working dogs. Oh, and in 2016, she helped rehabilitate rescued lions in Africa. 

​        Currently, Emily lives in Berthoud, CO with her dogs, Deano, Frankie, Bogart, & Sam. She is a proud supporter of our veterans, offering low cost service dog training and specialized working dogs for active troops. When she's not training dogs, you can find Emily camping, volunteering, or teaching her old dogs new tricks.


​3 of Emily's dogs- Deano, Bogart, & Frank

Emily, Owner & Head Master of Mischief