Let's be honest. You are here because you have a problem.....

You can't stop eating your human's shoes?

Can't figure out how to stop barking at that pesky mail person?

Is your intricate jumping ritual no longer receiving rave reviews from your humans?

                  It's okay. We've all been there. We specialize in teaching humans how to speak 'dog' fluently. 

Masters of Mischief utilizes positive reinforcement dog training (aka: clicker training, science based training, etc.) to help your human understand how to unlock all of the inner-pawsomeness within you. In fact, you are likely to learn faster, retain the knowledge longer, and you might even start begging your human for more training!

We break down the learning process into small, manageable lessons ensuring that you and your human are always successful and never frustrated! 

Easy, straight-forward learning...say hello to the new four legged star of the neighborhood!

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 Locations Served

Masters of Mischief provides private in-home dog training sessions in  Berthoud, Colorado, Boulder, CO, Greeley, CO, Loveland, CO, Longmont, CO, and Niwot CO and Southern Fort Collins. Don't see your Northern Colorado area listed? Call us to find out if we serve your area!

The Masters Of Mischief Promise

We promise to provide you with the very best solutions available in dog training. Our training methods are base in positive reinforcement, meaning, we will not yell, choke, punish, or correct your pup to teach them a behavior. There are some situations where smaller corrections such as withholding a treat or attention is called for; this is not positive reinforcement. In these instances, we will inform you if our suggested training method does not fit the Karen Pryor Academy definition of positive reinforcement. Under NO circumstances will we EVER engage methods harsher than withholding.